About Us

The mission of the Canadian Society of POCUS-EM Fellowships is to promote the academic advancement of point-of-care sonography in emergency settings through evidence-based excellence in education, clinical practice, quality assurance, professional development, and research.


A variety of educational initiatives will be available through the Society.

  • Evaluation tools for fellowships and advanced ultrasound training.
  • Confidential discussion forum among program directors across the country regarding challenges and successes.
  • A shared resource of cases for teaching and evaluation – written, practical, and direct observed educational tools.
  • Udemy course on Ultrasound Physics for POCUS in Canada.  We are looking for collaborators for advanced physics and practice lectures that we believe will eventually make up a universal component of POCUS education across Canada.

Clinical Practice

POCUS is a growing area of specialty knowledge in a variety of disciplines.  Many (or all) of these disciplines interact with patients in the emergency department.  The Society is committed to excellence in clinical practice supporting guideline development and encouraging national standards in reporting.  This work is just beginning.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is critical in all imaging specialties.  Associates are committed to providing ongoing quality assurance in their hospitals and together, we are committed to training POCUS sonologists to be experts in this area.  In this regard, we believe we can learn from some of the comprehensive imaging specialists as well as from some champions within our own midst.

Professional Development

The faculty and residents who undertake training in POCUS in the centres across Canada become members of a large community of experts.  Novel methods of offering ongoing professional development to a community of busy practitioners are being explored on an ongoing basis.


The POCUS Research Committee at CAEP demonstrates a large amount of ongoing POCUS research across Canada with prominent researchers exploring questions important to Canadian experts.

Current Chair

Andrew Healey is the current chair while Michael Woo is the vice-chair. By virtue of this, they have taken on establishing a Canadian Society in it’s infancy.  As this becomes an increasingly useful organized body of educators and professionals, undoubtedly structure will follow.