Canadian Society of POCUS-EM Fellowships

established July 2014

Welcome to the website for the Canadian Society of POCUS-EM Fellowships.


The mission of the Canadian Society of POCUS-EM Fellowships is to promote the academic advancement of point-of-care sonography in emergency settings through evidence-based excellence in education, clinical practice, quality assurance, professional development, and research.

The website will provide information on the functioning fellowships across the country.  It serves as a place to share tools and images.  Eventually, the site will host a ‘best cases’ series where each program will be invited to submit their best case of the year.  Stay tuned.


Active fellowships or subspecialty rotations/programs are listed in this section.  You will find a list of the fellowships currently available.  Many others are in the process of developing the resources to create sustainable programs across the country.  The Society will act as a resource.

Area of Focused Competence (AFC) RCPSC Diploma Application

An application for an AFC Diploma program for POCUS has been approved by the Committee of Specialties of The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.  All associates support this application to the RC through the expert review and ongoing work with the Society. Ongoing work with the RCPSC is taking place over the next year.