Sudbury Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship (NOSM)

Sudbury Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship (NOSM)

Applications are invited for the position of Emergency Ultrasound Fellow. Sudbury’s emergency physicians have been performing emergency ultrasound since 2001. Sudbury is the base for the Emergency Department Echo courses. EDE 1 has taught “EDE” to over 10,000 physicians worldwide. The EDE 2 (Advanced) Course made its debut in early 2009. Our ED is recognized as a training centre by the Canadian Emergency Ultrasound Society (CEUS), and has welcomed dozens of emergency physicians from across the country for CEUS independent practitioner training. Emergency ultrasound is an integral part of the curriculum of NOSM’s CCFP-EM residency – one of the largest in the country. Sudbury is the East Campus of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine.  Our ED has one of the highest volumes and acuities in Ontario. Health Sciences North is the Trauma and Tertiary Care Centre for Northeastern Ontario.

The fellow will develop expert skills in basic and advanced emergency ultrasound. Valuable experience in education and research will be gained. The fellow will have the opportunity to become an instructor with the EDE courses, as well as a CEUS instructor. The main objective of the 1-year fellowship is to train future leaders in emergency ultrasound.

Applicants must be certified in emergency medicine (FRCP, CCFP-EM, or ABEM). FRCP residents will be considered for a 6-12 month fellowship to take place during their 4th year of residency on a case-by-case basis. CCFP-EM graduates are eligible for the one-year fellowship after completion of their EM year.  The application deadline is January 15.

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Steve Socransky MD FRCPC ABEM CEUS


Health Sciences North
Northern Ontario School of Medicine


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